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Stoves SEB602MFCBLK Single Multifunction Oven

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Stoves SEB602MFCBLK Single Multifunction Oven
60cm built-in multifunction oven with 73L gross capacity, fully touch control fascia and catalytic liners. Additional features include a LED programmable timer, Top + bottom heat, defrost function, + variable grill. A energy rating.

The oven's large 73 litre capacity is ideal for preparing meals for the whole family. With five different shelf positions, you can easily cook different sized dishes.

Our electric multifunction ovens have nine cooking functions allowing you to choose the right one to get the best results depending on the food you're cooking.

Conventional Oven - This function is ideal for traditional roasting as the top of the oven is hotter than the bottom. The meat is placed in the middle of the oven, roast potatoes towards the top.

Top Heat - Use the top oven element towards the end of the cooking, for delicate browning. Great for dishes like lasagne.

Base Heat - The base heat can be used towards the end of cooking to provide additional browning for pizzas, pies and quiche.

Base Heat with Fan - The base element cooks the base of your open pies, while the fan allows the air to circulate around the filling.

Defrost - The fan assists defrosting by circulating room temperature air around the food, it is more hygienic and is done in half the time.

Fanned Oven - Heat is distributed evenly through the oven by the integrated fan. Perfect for batch baking.

Intensive Bake - Suitable for food with a high moisture content, such as quiche, bread and cheese cake. It also eliminates the need for baking pastry blind.

Fanned Grilling - Circulates heat around the food, making it ideal for thinner foods such as bacon, fish, gammon and steaks.

Conventional Grilling - This function cooks food from the top and is ideal for a range of food from toast to steaks. As the whole grill is working you can cook large quantities of food.

Oven cleaning is made easy thanks to the special catalytic liners which absorb grease and oil splashes from cooking and are then broken down to be wiped away.

The fully touch control panel makes cooking easy as it gives you the option for selecting the temperature, timing and desired functions at your fingertips

A 24 hour digital clock that you can programme to come on and go off so your dinner can be ready when you come back from work.
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Manufacturer Stoves
Model Number SEB602MFCBLK
Grade -999
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